By Mohan Karulkar: Target decided to pull a greeting card that had a joke about Whitney Houston. Considering her recent death, the card is clearly in poor taste (via TMZ):

But what about before her death?  Was it in good taste then?  And if not, why didn't anyone care before she died?

When someone's personal struggle becomes such common knowledge that it shows up on a greeting card, it probably makes embracing a second chance kind of hard.

Think about that for a minute, and ask yourself, have you ever advertised someone's failure on a greeting card? Not literally, but maybe things like:

  • Held a grudge against them?
  • Talked about them behind their back?
  • Dropped a suggestive "prayer request" or concerned Facebook post about them?
  • Poked fun at them about something that happened years ago?

Let's not fall for that junk.  Let's be sure that we're making the world an easier place for second chances, not a harder place. No one's struggle belongs on a Hallmark.


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