Check out this new release from our friend Brad Lomenick.  The book is called The Catalyst Leader, and presents an in-depth look at Brad's 20 years of leadership experience, including his last 10 years as the president and lead visionary of Catalyst, the well-known leadership movement. As a special bonus, anyone who purchases the book this week, from April 14-19, can scan and send their receipt to to receive over $300 of leadership resources for FREE, all for simply purchasing the book during release week from any outlet, including the Catalyst store as well as other retail outlets. Purchase here.

 From the author:

The Catalyst Leader lays out the eight essentials for becoming a change maker. The traits that I believe one must develop in order to become a change maker, and ultimately a Catalyst Leader. I hope this book will provide practical leadership answers for a new generation of aspiring leaders who are looking for answers and solutions, and not just leadership theory. It’s a practical guide for leading now, and leading well, serving as a leadership handbook for the next generation of leaders in our country. The book presents the key essentials that I believe will define our generation’s ability to influence over the next 20-25 years, laying out what it means to be a Catalyst in this generation. The Catalyst Leader is packed with a combination of candid interviews with thought leaders, research with the core leadership community, and overall leadership best practices. A rising generation of leaders need to be equipped for the task of leadership.