game over blog Posted by Mike Foster:

1. We now have our own Iphone app. Apple just approved the People of the Second Chance Iphone app and you can download it for your phone by clicking here.

2. I had an amazing time at the Snowflake Conference in Canada this weekend where I spoke on being second chance people, forgiveness, and radical grace. Amazing conference and I love those Canadians!

3. The POTSC shirts are at the printer. The mob has spoken and the mob picked design #4. Should be available in 2 weeks.

4. At Catalyst West we will be hosting a POTSC event in the evening. It will be a great time to hang out and connect. Click here for the upcoming details. Btw, Jud and I will be speaking at Catalyst with our good friend Tony.

5. We shoot our first short film with Prolifik Films next week in LA. When I heard Stephanie's story and what she does I immediately knew that we had to film it. It will be the first in a series of different shorts exploring the themes of grace, renewal, and second chances.

6. Been working on defining the next steps for POTSC. I'm personally blown away with the opportunities that are presenting themselves. Announcements soon.

7. In April we will start broadcasting a weekly online event on Tuesday's. It's the rebirth of the Mancave but we are trying to come up with a new name. Any ideas?

Mike Foster