Posted by Mike Foster:

Today we launch a new People of the Second Chance campaign called "Labels Lie: Don't Accept Them. Don't Use Them."

The campaign's focus is on being liberated from the prison of societies' labels. We don't have to live with the shame of what people have said about us. We don't have to accept these statements as our true identity.

These are the first 3 photos from the "Portrait Series" with many more to come over the next 3 months.

When we judge, label, diminish and criticize each other, this becomes the fuel for shame and guilt to fester in our souls. A label says we are unworthy, flawed and unacceptable.

Sadly we live in a society driven by stereotyping, gossiping, labeling and blame...and it is destroying us. Words like ugly, stupid, adulterer, addict, illegal, failure, ex-con, slut, fag and other dehumanizing labels are thrown around with no regard for how they damage.

It is time to talk about shame and the toxic labels we believe about ourselves.

It is time to be liberated from the lies of labels and experience the powerful truth of who we really are...Loved...Worthy...Beautiful...Accepted.

SO HOW CAN YOU HELP US WITH THE LABELS LIE CAMPAIGN? This campaign fails without you. If you believe in what our message is all about, then please help. Let your voice be heard and do something. Let's breakthrough together!

1. Donate a Tweet to the Labels Lie Campaign. Help us reach 1 million people. It only takes 10 seconds to opt in. Click here.

2. Share the Portraits in your online networks. Blog it. Reblog on Tumblr. Share on Facebook. Pin it. Instagram. You will get people talking and commenting.

3. Do you lead a church or small group? Dedicate a worship service, gathering or small group time to highlight this topic. We did this at Moment Church last month and people are still talking about their personal breakthrough. Email us for details! Contact(at)

4. Make a public commitment to not use them or accept them. Start by tweeting this promise: "I believe Labels Lie. Don't use them. Don't accept them! #LabelsLie #potsc"

5. Do you have a magazine or print edition? Are you a reporter or writer? We can give you hi-res print files and a story! Email us. Contact(at)



Mike Foster