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Some people are so annoying.

Some people sneeze with their mouths open.  Some people spill coffee on your shoes.  Some people won't quit bothering you at your desk.  Some people don't wash their gym clothes.  Some people don't move their arms when they walk.  Some people always steal your fries.  Some people blow smoke in your face.  Some people swear around your kids.  Some people won't shut up about their sore back.  Some people never bring their wallet.  Some people don't put the seat back down.  Some people wear the same jeans for 2 weeks.   Some people are always complaining about their boyfriend.  Some people won't stop taking pictures.  Some people never answer their cell phone.  Some people always cancel on you. Some people act like an Animal.

Some people ... need a little extra patience.  A little extra understanding.  A little extra time.  A little extra grace.

We all have people like this in our lives. Maybe it's your rude boss, or your annoying neighbor, or your bratty little brother.

Or maybe it's you.  Maybe it's me.

Maybe none of us are perfect.  And maybe all of us need a little extra grace.

Take Animal, the Muppet, for example. Most of the time, Animal is out of control.  He's barely understandable, and when you can understand him, he's usually interrupting or insulting someone.  But if you get past that, you'll learn that he's also a musician.  And a fan of Rembrandt Renoir.  And a meditation enthusiast.

Animal, like every "annoying" person out there, is so much more than the negative things he's known for.  And because of that, he matters.

So do you. And so does everyone else who's ever been a pain in the neck.

Join us as we proclaim that no one is ever beyond a second chance -- even the Animal in your own life!   

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