Imagine this:

You’re floating along on the ocean, minding your own business, enjoying life.

But then, out of nowhere, something comes along and rocks your world.  You’re thrown from your raft, and as you flail around and gasp for air, the monster rears its head and changes your life forever.

Jaws represents the unprovoked attack.  The terrifying unknown, preceded by reputation and worst-case scenarios.

Common wisdom says to avoid sharks. They're dangerous. They kill. They are to be avoided. They are to be feared.

Except, if you seek out the facts, you'll find that sharks actually kill very few people. DEER kill exponentially more people than sharks.

Yet the fear persists because of the headlines ... the movies ... the collective wisdom.

Many of us have met Jaws, even if we’ve never been to the ocean. There’s a Jaws in our past.  Our office.  Our school.  Our home. Our neighborhood.

And as we face the shark – whether in our dreams or in our waking hours – we’re left with a choice.

Do we embrace fear, judgement, hatred, and revenge?  Or do we see the human behind the shark?  The human ... in the shark suit?

At POTSC, we believe that while the movie monster may have been unrelenting, people are not horror-movie sharks. People are real. There are large groups of people on need of a second chance,  and it's our choice whether or not to abandon collective wisdom and let them back in.

So what do you believe?  Do you have a shark in your life?  Have you forgiven them?

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