Posted by Trey Bailey:

Have you ever felt the glaring eyes of judgement from someone? Have you heard words that have left you feeling like you weren’t good enough? Have you been in conversations where you’ve heard someone get run down, and you wonder what they say about you when you’re not around? Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Have you ever felt like something you did in your past now defines you to the people you know?

How often are we the one’s quick to judge? How often do I make assessments about someone before I know the whole story?

Do I freely give grace and second chances? 

I cannot:

change people..

control people (although I try)..

make people behave in a way I think is appropriate.


be kind...

love MORE...

ask their perspective before forming my opinion...

show grace...

Love never fails.

Making someone feel

Making someone feel less than

Making someone feel different because they don’t believe what you

Love never fails.

I can show the love and kindness of God more... and I can try and change people less... I can dispense grace in tangible ways. I can combat vulture-culture. I can be the Red Cross relief team for the disasters in people’s personal lives... and you can, too.