Posted by: Tamara Taylor

There is something about giving grace. It shows that love is more powerful than hate. It shows that forgiveness is a better way than bitterness. It shows that hope is stronger than despair. Each time we dispense grace, I am reminded of these truths. There is a problem in me though, and I suspect that you may have the same problem.

Giving grace to others is hard, but we know it is worth it. But when it comes to giving grace to ourselves, it is a whole other story. It is like trying to ice skate on a lake in the middle of Summer. And yet, we proclaim this news of grace… we are the people of a second chance. What grace do we show to ourselves?

I scold myself when I speak too harshly to a teenager at youth group. I will tell myself that I have just ruined their impression of church as a loving place, that I have perpetuated the harsh stereotype they already had of churches. Where is the second chance?

If my house is messy when a friend arrives, I am convinced that they will forever remember the mess of my home and always associate me with the chaos of that day. The friendship isn’t the same from then on because they have casino online seen something I don’t want them to. Where is the grace?

A few weeks ago I admitted to a close friend that I did not want to go home and be alone. It was humbling. It was scary. And he invited me to spend time with a few people at his house that night. He showed me grace. Yet, the thought that rang in my mind was that I had just revealed weakness. Why wouldn’t I give myself a second chance? Why do I not show myself grace?

Maybe it’s just me who does this. But somehow, I don’t think I’m alone. How about we, the people of the second chance, give ourselves a second chance when we falter or fall? How about we receive grace just as well as we give it out?