It's exciting to see the vigorous and challenging discussions that have happened during our Labels Lie series. The final images are chosen to ellicit a response and get people thinking, and a lot of work has gone into their creation.

We're excited to present an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Labels Lie series. We also got to sit down with Ed McGowan, the talented photographer behind the images, and talk about his own experiences with Labels. Check out the video above, and the interview below!

Have you ever been labeled? If so, what were the labels? How did they affect you?

I grew up as an army brat. I probably went to at least 10 schools growing up. I was always the "new kid." Kids can be cruel and it's never easy to break in to established friendship circles. I think for me, it made me a shy person.

What stood out the most to you in doing this project?

The realization that labels really affect people to the point where it molds who they are. They start to believe it, and unless told otherwise, go on believing it.

What would you tell someone who has been labeled?

I would tell them that the only opinion that matters is their own. The trick is to convince them of it.

What do you identify the most with in People of the Second Chance?

That the message is a constant reminder of self worth and the worth of others.


If you're a photographer, click here to read a great post by Ed McGowan about the shoot setup, lighting, lens, textures, etc.