As Jacob tells it, he used to have Down Syndrome.  Medically, he still does of course.  But as his sister writes, the person he's become far outweighs any disabilities he was born with.  He's kind, friendly, and smart, and his story is pretty awesome.

"Jacob is THE MAN. Seriously. With his Ray Bans, Penguin shirts and New Balance sneaks, Jacob is cool to the max. He works out at the local gym and has the guns to prove it. Everyone is smitten by his infectious attitude. Jacob is always smiling and just grateful to welcome each day as it comes. His stint at a local coffee shop translated into almost immediately higher sales."

It's a great reminder that not all second chances come from making our problems go away, but instead learning to flourish in spite of them.

Check out his story, and carry a smile with you today :)