f-word-grace-people-of-the-second-chance Posted by Mike Foster: Follow Mike On Twitter The F-word is a dirty word and people don't like to hear it.

Just understand if you dare mention it, respectable people may not like you.

God help us if we ever say it in church or in staff meetings.

It's critical that we shield our children from experiencing it.

The F-word is used in the gutter and foul places.

Sometimes it slips out after throwing back a few beers in raw conversations with our friends.

Now I'm not talking about the four letter F-word but the other word we shouldn't say. The word is....FAILURE.

In our success addicted culture it's just not cool to bring it up. We dare not say such things.

But I'm not willing to censor my language anymore. And you shouldn't either.

Just plan on the F-word to pop out when I talk to you.

I'm really sorry if you're bothered by this but I just can't help myself.

I curse like a prodigal.

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