Posted by David Kuo: What if life doesn’t actually begin until the very worst happens - and I’m not talking about not getting a promotion or having your team lose a playoff game or having a bad hair day or losing a Jimmy Choo shoe.

I’m talking about messing around with someone who isn’t your spouse... and discovering it was videoed and is now Internet viral. I mean having a child die or a spouse or both. I mean being paralyzed or diagnosed with a chronic disease. What if those aren’t the moments to be dreaded but the moments when life can truly begin?

There’s a new film about a guy who was diagnosed with ALS - Lou Gehrig’s Disease - and told he had a couple years to live. It’s called “It Ain’t Over” because what the guy discovered was just that, his death sentence wasn’t the end. Ten years later he’s still alive and going.

But maybe there’s a better title, “It’s Just Beginning”. It’s more than glass half full or glass half empty. Its a motto. When the worst happens, the thing most dreaded, maybe the way to think about it is that its the beginning... of your life.