smedes-people-of-the-second-chance-grace-potscPosted by Mike Foster: Follow Mike on Twitter

I am the perpetrator.

I broke my parents heart when I skipped out on my High School graduation.

I have been convicted of crimes and almost killed a man...for real.

I have stretched the truth so people would like me.

I have yelled at my children and chose TV over time with them.

I have brought pain and frustration to people because I falsely believed I was right.

My list is long and the evidence is condemning.

And because I am the perpetrator, I now think differently about grace.

When I am wronged. Grace. When I am lied to. Grace. When I am hurt by somone. Grace.

Our lives are lived on both sides. The yin and yang. Dark and light. Perpetrator and victim.

And when we understand this we can truly become People of the Second Chance.

Mike Foster