Posted by Mike Foster:

On Sunday night at Moment Church we talked about how labels lie. It was an honest night talking about how we define our lives.

During the service we invited people to write down their label on a white white wristband. We then put those wristbands on and will be wearing them all week.

I am wearing mine right now. I wrote the words "Unworthy and Valueless." One girl wrote the word "insignificant." Some put the label "heroin addict." Others wrote the label "abandoned" on their wristband.

This coming Sunday at Moment, Tony Wood is going to share the 2nd half of the message about confession and adopting our true identity and label.

And then in a very special moment we are going to cut off the wristbands we wore this week and exchange them for a new one. Though this coming weeks wristband will be different. The label on this wristband will not be a lie.

Hope you can join us at 6pm PST either in person or online.

Below is the message from this past Sunday night.


1. Freedom is found when you let go of who you think you're suppose to be and fully embrace who you really are.

2. Why do I think my new label and status at Starbucks make me better than you?

3. Labels lie and do not tell the truth of who we are.

4. Shame is the birthplace for perfectionism. The Greek word for shame is: To Disfigure.

5. Shame is broken when it is spoken.

6. How the labels of Femininity and Masculinity actually carry a destructive lie.

7. 90% of 15-17 year old girls want to change their appearance. 25% want plastic surgery.

Mike Foster