Happy Birthday to Mike and Jud! You have relentlessly loved & given generously- your lives, hearts, mission, everything...we are better because you have authentically lived scandalous GRACE and TRUTH. Thank you for showing us what it means to be POTSC. Happy Birthday!

"Mike and Jud- Happy birthday! Thanks for constantly challenging me, and always pushing me to get better. Thanks for your leadership, your wisdom, and ultimately your gift of friendship. I’m honored to have you in my life!" - Brad Lomenick

"Mike & Jud! Happy birthday fellas, let me know when you need some voices for people of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chance…I'm in. :) Seriously, I'm so thankful for both of you and the example you set in giving and receiving radical grace. Love you guys, hope to see you again soon!" - LV

"HAP-HAP-HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike & Jud! You guys are truly amazing. From your out-of-the-box ideas that challenge the process, to your commitment to authenticity and integrity (and super cool "Rob Bell" glasses) you both pretty much embody what it means to be a catalytic leader.

Thank you for teaching us about radical grace and reconciliation. Thank you for practicing what you preach. Thank you for partnering with us. Thank you for sacrificing. Thank you for being.

We love you."

- The Catalyst Team

"Happy Birthday Mike & Jud! I always thought you two were twins but never knew that you were born so closely to one another. Thanks guys for being great friends as well as an inspiration to me in areas of creativity, innovation, and human care. I feel so honored to have you two in my life. May God continue to inspire, direct, and refine your for Him and humanity". - Charles Lee

"Mike and Jud - Happy birthday! I have two sentences to try to be funny but also poignant, breezy but also heartfelt, casual but with at least a tinge of deep faith spirituality that might make you cry. Instead I blew my two sentences writing about the process of writing you a birthday wish. Which makes me postmodern or maybe relevant or missional or one of those words. Regardless, the planet is significantly better because you're both on it. You guys are a constant inspiration to me. Here's hoping that 40 is the new 31. (I was going to say 30, but I was a jerk when I was 30 and would prefer not to repeat that year if at all possible.)"- Jon Acuff

"Happy Birthday, Mike and Jud! So glad you graced this world and brought this crazy dream of second chances to life. I see the risky side of Jesus challenging our world through your examples. And have no doubt there is more grace stirring in this world because you've lived. Can't wait to see where life takes you next. You know I'll be there to throw in." - Sarah

"Wow. You guys are 40! That's so wise, mature, discerning...old! Honestly, honored to be friends with two men who stand constantly for truth and walk boldly for good. Thanks for doing this journey with me, for leading a generation, and for exemplifying integrity always. Praying your 2nd half is more powerful than the first and that you stand continually for hope as long as those old legs will allow!" - Tony Wood

"Happy Birthday guys!! I’m so proud of what you guys are doing through this blog. You’re constantly challenging me to be a dispenser of grace to the people God has allowed me to do life with."- Pete

"Happy birthday, Mike and Jud! I want thank you both for being great friends, as well as an inspiration through my journey of leadership, ministry and social creativity. Your hard work is apparent, and I thank you both for giving time to the little guys like me, who have a calling to make a difference. I am blessed to have you both in my life and I pray God will continue to use you in ways of epic proportion." - Jarrid Wilson

"i can't think of two other dudes with glasses and track-jackets that have impacted my life more that Mike and Jud" - Jim Gray

"Mike and Jud,

Thank you for showing me mercy and grace is more than a doctrine to know, but a life to be lived. I quietly watch your lives from afar with great admiration and inspiration to pursue forgiveness, love, and grace in ministry... and in life.

Cheers to many more birthdays!!!" - Bianca Juarez

"Mike & Jud, Thank you for being champions for grace. A very happy birthday to you both. " - Crystal Renaud

"Jud and Mike are not just 40 year olds who talk a big game but they are champions of grace and second chances for me personally. I am so thankful for their friendship and leadership. I am celebrating what God has done in the first 40 years of your lives and excited to do the next 40 with you! Happy Birthday Jud & Mike!" - Benjamin Zimmerman

"mike and jud, enjoy a birthday as amazing as you are! POTSC, along with your collective vision, encouragement and support have made our walk and work so much more then we thought it could be. thanks for loving us all, loudly and as we are and for letting your actions speak louder than your words. much love and many blessings." - Laura Lasky

"Mike and Jud... Happy Birthdays to y'all! Know that you are loved, admired, respected and appreciated for being exactly who you are. Excited to see what this year brings to your lives and the lives around you!"- Tammy Hodge

"Hey Mike and Jud, God is doing AMAZING things and what a blessing to see how much He has used the two of you! I am beyond excited that I got to be a slither part of POTSC and I feel so blessed to be able share my story as part of the catalyst of God's movement of radical grace. Praying and thinking of you often!" - Renee

"Mike and Jud- I wanted to come up with some amazing thing to say to you guys for your birthdays to adequately sum up the impact you have both had on my life without even knowing me. But I honesty have no words. I am so grateful for you both and thankful that we all get to share in a part of your story. Have a blessed birthday!" - Kaleena Foster

"Happy Birthday to two very courageous leaders who are doing extraordinary things to challenge others to live the life that God intended for those who love Him. May you both be richly blessed for your faithfulness, and thank you for the positive impact that you have had on my life." - Vikki

"Mike & Jud, Congrats on hitting the big 4-0. Thanks for your lives & commitment to grace & love. Being a POTSC has changed my perspective on life–I've realized my life is to make much of Jesus & show His compassion and grace to everyone I meet. It's difficult but awesome. Here's to lives transformed and set free! Happy birthday guys. Blessed to call you brothers. - Justin

"Mike & Jud, your lives are so significant- thank you for having such an impact on mine. Your example of GRACE and LOVE have transformed my concept of leadership. Happy Birthday!" - Ryan

We are honored to share and celebrate this journey with you! We love you!