image By Karen Hammons:

This month, one year ago I said yes.  And I thought I knew what I was saying yes to.

I had no idea how my status quo of grace was about to be shifted.

The Grace Mob captured my heart and my life has never been the same since.   It’s a community of people who I adore, and just like me, they are living out their second chance and desire to share it with others through tangible action.

The Grace Mob exists for one thing: to squash judgment, vulture culture, bullying, and hate.

We stand with those who are broken, rejected, and hurting. We are in their corner and will stick our necks out to risk for those who need grace.

And if you consider yourself part of the People of the Second Chance movement, then you are already in the Grace Mob. You are part of the inclusive team of insurgents willing to be courageous with radical, scandalous grace.

Here are the ways you can be involved:

SEND a call to ACTION Share a mob request with the community via Twitter (using #gracemob), leave a comment on our Facebook page, send an email to or @reply me on Twitter. Include a link to the person/site we need to “mob”. The community does not need context in order to dispense grace, we just need the action step. Keep requests simple to maximize the impact.

RESPOND to a call of ACTION Look for the hashtag #gracemob via Twitter (save your search for #gracemob in order to access it quickly). Visit the People of the Second Chance Facebook page daily. Respond to the opportunities to dispense grace that are shared in our weekly email.

If you would like to “opt in” for the weekly email, click HERE.

We are honored to be partners with you in sharing the scandal of grace.

We love you. Let's make grace less scarce together.