Gooy_20Chocolate_20IIPosted by Mike Foster: POTSC Iphone App. Click here.

Two weeks ago Jennifer and I had the opportunity to go to Cabo San Lucas with some great friends.

I read a couple books, took a few naps, played Jon Foreman tunes and just chilled with my wife.

It was a great opportunity to clean out all the goo in my life.

Goo is stress, non-stop busyness, and worry. It is caused by work, 24 hour connection to technology, your mind always engaged, packed schedules, managing a family, and the grind of life.

When you get the goo out you can actually think. Take inventory of priorities. Dream. Reflect. Be at peace.

When you do this you also realize how crazy busy your life is.

So what do you like to do to get the goo out? Any future plans to de-goo yourself and slow down?

Mike Foster