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I spend my time hearing people's stories and trying to encourage them and I absolutely love it.  Most of our stories involve some sort of pain and disappointment, dealing with our hurts and trying to figure out how to move forward.  My desire is to help people move past that pain and to find freedom.  Over the last two years I have put forth an intense effort to help create a tool or a resource that would help individuals work through their pain and to find beauty and purpose in their own story of struggle.  It's a guide built upon God's amazing grace, conversations with friends, and a personal exploration of our pain and loss.  We walk through the process of awareness, discovery, ownership, forgiveness, acceptance, and freedom and out of that our hearts can be healed.  As we move toward freedom, this is not something that is easy and it can't be done alone.

We are in this together!

Part of sharing our pain allows us to realize that we're not perfect and that's OK!

As I've spent the last two years pouring myself into this, there are a couple of things that have continued to resonate with me.  First of all we can't do this alone and we must engage those we trust to walk this journey with us and allow ourselves to be transparent.  The second thing that continues to be overly apparent is what a tremendous opportunity the church has as they engage in human care and radically loving on people in their communities,  to introduce them to God's grace in a non-judgmental way. So as Freeway was finalized, we are reaching out to churches to provide resources to engage their communities so that they can help individuals heal their hearts.

So here's the deal, I would love for you to check out Freeway and start a group.  The book ships August 26th

I'm stoked about the opportunity I have to speak at Idea Camp 2013 where we will be talking about this exact thing.  This is one of my first chances to share about Freeway and the thoughts around this concept of engaging church leaders in our communities in the area of human care.  Matter of fact, we're giving all the attendees a copy of Freeway- a not so perfect guide to freedom.  I would love for you to join me.  You can find out more info at

Mike Foster