By Mohan Karulkar: We sing to our kids all the time, especially our older one.  It puts him to sleep, cheers him up, makes him laugh, and passes time in the car.  But up until a few weeks ago, we never heard him sing back.  I imagine he didn't really know how to do it.  He could recite the words to a song, but couldn't actually sing any tunes.

At some point during the last few weeks, all that has changed.  He is a singing machine, repeating everything he's heard and making up his own funny tunes to boot.  It was like there was an entire choir bottled up inside him, waiting for a way out to appear.

That's how so many other breakthroughs feel too, right?  You struggle for a long time, and then BAM, you break through and have momentum like you never thought possible.  If you happen to be struggling right now, caught in what feels like an endless cycle, hold on to that thought.  Think about what your voice will sound like when you finally learn to sing.  Think of how it will make the people around you feel -- the people who have stood with you and helped you along.  Let those thoughts be what help you to get back up again.

There's an incredible future in store for me son, one that I can't even comprehend.  Little steps like singing represent milestones in that journey.  Keep holding on until your breakthrough comes, and see what incredible future is in store for you too.  We're standing with you, and can't wait to hear you sing!