Finding Rest In The Stress


Life is busy. We get that. We have jobs, deadlines, families, errands to run, and places to be; and after making sure every need is met, we have little time for ourselves. We end up feeling empty and drained and just wanting to quit.

But we can’t. And we won’t. But what we can do is find rest for ourselves in the busyness of life.

1. Carve out 20 minutes a day to sit and be. 2. Go outside. Get some fresh air. 3. Make sure the place is quiet and R E S T.

Don’t think of your to-do list and all the laundry you have to fold. Think of yourself. Think of the beauty of life. Let those thoughts carry you through the rest of the day.

Taking care of ourselves first will allow us to meet the rest of the day’s needs with a new since of confidence. Because taking care of our self with excellence will allow us to work in excellence. When can fully give when we are full.

So if we are quitting anything this Monday, let it be stress.

Take a moment. Take a few minutes. Take care of yourself.  Rest.

Photo Credit

Scott Pace