Posted by: Ashley

"The power of a personal story in remarkable. But the truth is … the willingness to share from our own brokenness is both risky and scary." -Lori Wilhite

There is something extraordinarily beautiful about a community of authentic love and acceptance. I love how Crystal Renaud has built a safe and caring place for women who struggle with pornography and sexual addictions. She has opened the door to candidly discuss a topic that has been so taboo- we have failed to give women the tools or resources to get help. Thankfully, Crystal has not only built Dirty Girls Ministries, but also has a new book Dirty Girls Come Clean!

I LOVED this excerpt from her first chapter:

"Scars are a reminder of where we’ve been- they show others that we know what they’re going through and that we may actually be able to help."

If you are a leader, parent, friend, or woman who is struggling with porn- I would encourage you to get this book. Seriously. There is FINALLY a resource to help women!

Also, check out the ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH that's happening tomorrow evening, 3/31 at 7pm HERE. I will be there and hope to see you there, too! Follow @dirtygirlsmin or @crystalrenaud on Twitter for more deets!