By CJ Casciotta: We’ve always been advised not to dance with the devil. Yet evil remains hard at work, effortlessly stomping on all it comes across, leaving its dirty footprints all over the dance floor.

There are some people, though, who have ignored the warning voices all around them. Instead, they’ve decided to work up the nerve to ask evil for a waltz in the attempt to subdue it, tucker it out, and send it home with a limp.

These brave types are few and far between, but they are essential in interrupting evil just as it’s seemed to have gotten the last laugh.  For a moment, we even begin to think that maybe we too could join in the dance, but at our best, we are appreciative wallflowers, Tweeting what we see from a distance.

What we so easily forget with our backs comfortably against the wall is this: Evil is powerful and refuses to leave the floor without taking the lead every once in a while. Those courageous enough to take it on willingly do so by putting themselves in harm's way. They are engaged for the long haul.

They’re not in a dance. They’re in a war, and they fight evil with grace. Our duty is to support them in battle, even the ones they lose.

We have the opportunity to trend grace today. Lets join the dance.