"That ship has sailed." Ever heard that?  It means you missed your chance.  Give up and move on, because the opportunity is over.

While it's true that some situations do have an expiration date, it's been my experience that most things end when you give up, not when something sails away.  It's also my experience that only people who's own ships have sailed actually say that to others.

Today, on #Noquitmonday, don't be the one standing at the dock, watching your opportunity shrink in the distance.  Don't believe the haters, don't believe the fatalists.  Believe in yourself, and jump into the water.  Chase down that opportunity, and demand a second chance. I'm willing to bet that there's still plenty of room on that boat.

And if not, at least you tried.  Maybe there's another boat you'll meet on the way back.

Ok, enough metaphors.  Share your story -- when have you chased down the "lost" opportunity, and what happened?

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