Posted by Mike Foster: We love the Catalyst crew. From day one Brad and the team have been tremendous champions of POTSC and radical grace.

I also know that anything that they do is going to be awesome and transformative in the lives of leaders!

So here is the deal. Catalyst One Day is coming to Phoenix!

Next Thursday, November 18 at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. Join The Andy and The Craig (that's Stanley and Groeschel) for a one day leadership event focusing on the topic of Momentum.

How to create it, how to sustain it, and how to implement systems and tactics in your organization that will fuel momentum on a continual basis.

In this season of life, ministry and everything that is going on in our organizations, I think everyone of us could use a few insights on getting a little Mo going.

You can register here and use special Rate Code ONEDAYAZ to receive a discounted ticket price of $99.

Mike Foster