Posted by Mike Foster:

On Saturday night Casey Anthony walked out of an Orange County Florida jail.

She had her lawyer Jose Baez by her side plus 2 officers carrying automatic weapons and dressed for combat.

Outside was a crowd of 1,000 onlookers who hurled curses at her. Many believed this "Tot Mom" killed her child because Caylee was cramping her party-girl lifestyle.

They waved signs that said "How Could This Angel (Caylee) Been Born From This Devil?"

Security consultants said that if Casey wants to live she should hide for weeks in a compound with 24 hour bodyguards protecting her. Some people suggested she get plastic surgery to change her looks or move to Europe.

On Saturday officials stated their were 7 credible death threats that day against Casey.

Jurors in the case have gone into hiding and one even quit their job and moved out of state because of the threats.

I even read a few comments of "believers" who can't wait for her to meet God so he can execute the justice that everyone wants. One word: Sad.

People are horrified, angry and want revenge and justice.

Did Casey kill Caylee? I don't know. Did she get a fair trial? Yes.

Is it fair that she walk out prison on Saturday night? According to our justice system it absolutely was. Casey Anthony was found not guilty no matter how much that bothers some of us.

Our anger, insults, hatred, venom and rage will never bring sweet Caylee back.

But every time we let these emotions run wild in our lives it sucks the good and the noble right out of us. Our souls become blacker. We invite a virus of hate to fester and the sickness seeps out in every aspect of our life. As we cry out for revenge and swift justice we become less human.

Here's what I know:

Justice is a sneaky little creature that always over promises and under delivers. Even if Casey was found guilty of murder, thrown in an electric chair and fried with 100,000 mega watts of electricity we are still left...empty. Justice was never going to bring back Caylee and doesn't change the loss that has occurred in this family and community.

Casey Anthony is out of prison....but sadly we're not.

Listen, I am just as confused and frustrated as you. But I'm putting it all on the line for grace. I'm praying for radical redemption, the healing of a broken family and for our society to demonstrate something truly counter culture...forgiveness.

So what do you think?

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