Posted by Casey Graham:

Last Wednesday within 2 hours my entire hometown was ripped to pieces by the second worst tornado outbreak in history!  People that lost extremities were wandering the streets screaming for help!  A 7-week old baby pulled out of from the rubble was re-united with her father, but will never know her mother that died a few feet away.  My best friend’s grandfather took months to build his house with his bare hands 50 years ago and watched it be destroyed in a few seconds.

Over 200 people died in Alabama and thousands of homes are destroyed.

As I watched the news coverage come to my TV screen I felt God say, "Carry Their Mat."  It reminded me of the story where the four friends carried their friend to Jesus.  It took four friends to carry the paralyzed man in scripture because people are hard to carry alone.

Honestly, I was “paralyzed” myself because I recently had foot surgery to remove a tumor off my foot and was stuck on the couch, not able to physically go help my friends in need.  I asked God for clarity and I heard the words of my pastor, Andy Stanley, come to my head, "Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone."

I called a pastor friend of mine who was on the ground in Alabama offering grace and a second chance to people and he said, "The bottom line is that we need tangible resources. People have got to get baby wipes for poopy diapers, flashlights to see, and other stuff that they need RIGHT NOW!"  So on Saturday morning we launched, a relief fund for the Lost, the Least, and the Lonely of Alabama.  We set a goal to raise support and within 31 hours hundreds of grace-filled people were generous that stepped up to offer tangible grace in action.

We need people that believe in offering a second chance to the hurting to step up and extend grace to the uninsured and underinsured.  The news has moved on to other sensational stories, but the we must not.  People are sleeping in tents and mobile trailers in one of the worst US disasters in recent history.

Many people have carried my mat when I was paralyzed by addiction early in my life and now I get the opportunity to do it for others! Remember, it took 4 friends for every 1 paralyzed, will you help us carry the mat today?