By Carlos Whittaker: I met a girl the other day named Jamie Grace.

The second she told me her name all I could think about was the pressure. Oh the pressure. Was that some kind of sick joke?

I mean can you imagine?

What if your name was Scotty Humble? Or Sally Patience? Who had the bright idea to place these attributes of God in our names?

I got to thinking…


If God was gonna name me something that reflects who I am, He'd probably have to name be Carlos Anxious.

But if I became more of who He was, and started to allow him to reflect who He was in me, then the obvious shift in last name would become Carlos Trust.

I don't know Jamie Grace. I don't know if she is filled with grace or not. She may be the most grace giving human on the planet. And I think on this blog we would all attempt to live in that place.


Where are you at with your core sin last name? What would it be? And if God came in and provided you healing for that last name? What would it become?

Trying to become Carlos Trust…