Beauty In Brokenness

Monday's seem to make everything a bit more real. Our brokenness, our pain, our doubt all seem to sting a little more every time Monday rolls around. This Monday, we are going to look deep into our brokenness and gaze into what's beautiful.

Beauty isn't always lit up like neon signs, but often found in the quiet, small, still corners of life.  And when we find it, we are changed. Search for the beautiful in your life. It might be the wild flowers growing on the side of the road, the gentle smile from a stranger, or even in the messyness of our home. Beauty is still there.
Here are three ways to find beauty in the midst of brokenness:
  1. Be kind to yourself. Don't meddle in your brokenness but instead find blessings in and around you. Begin with being grateful you have breath in your lungs and you are here on this Monday.
  2. Encourage someone. Tell them what they mean to you or how thankful you are that the grocery man took your groceries to your car. When we are seeking the beauty in someone else or in something around us, it becomes contagious and we are able to find beauty within ourself.
  3. Smile. Genuinely smile. Reflect on good things and just do it. Even if it is forced, it will change your mood. And plus, seeing someone smile back at you always makes for a better day.
So this Monday, find beauty in all the brokenness around you. It is waiting to be found and recognized.
Scott Pace