By Blake Cantebury: I love hearing people's stories. Every time I meet someone, I ask them their story. With no hesitation they begin to tell me about a journey they've been on that led them to where they currently are.

Through these stories, I've found that people need second chances for all kinds of things. Many times, something small could give them a second chance. Something as easy as a bed…

This has driven me to create an organization called beremedy. The meaning behind the name is simple: be the remedy for someone.

People need second chances. And they need you to be the remedy.

Here is the concept… Every city has needs. Often these needs go unmet because the message doesn't get out. There are those who want to help, but don't know how. beremedy is an organization using social media to connect those in need with those in their community who can help.

Enter Kecia. Her 20 year old son, sleeping on the floor since returning to live with his mother. A family with a past - Kecia has served time in prison and her son is a recovering meth addict. Kecia sees her child's return as a second chance, but she didn't know where to turn. Her neighbor, who previously received clothing for her 6 children told Kecia, "I know who can help." The neighbor reached out to beremedy and a bed was donated by someone hearing the story.

A bed provided a second chance. It was initiated by a neighbor.

It begins with you. Finding people in need of a second chance is easy. The hard part is taking the initiative to start the conversation. But it is crucial. Someone may never understand grace or the opportunity of a second chance if you don’t tell them.

Someone needs you to find them. Someone needs the hope you bring. Someone needs a second chance and they need you to tell them they deserve it.

be the remedy.