By Larry Kozlof: I heard it said at a recent conference that we need more than a vision; we need a cause to apply that vision to. This statement made me realize that grace -- second chances -- has both. The vision of the second chance is providing someone a fresh page to reset their story. The cause of the second chance is a person’s need for a fresh start in the first place.

The cause is something we all have in common – but what about the vision?

Grace is not something that should be hoarded or hidden, but rather the very presence of grace in our lives requires us to show grace to others. Why? Because that grace is there in response to the cause we first exhibited – a cause we all share.

Grace sees past the faults, the struggles, the pains and the failures that threaten to define us, and cuts to the heart of the individual, their circumstances, and their timing. It saturates the cause so the vision can manifest.

We’ve all needed a second chance, whether it’s with our career, our family, our dreams, or our entire lives. And the vision of grace is to see us live it, apart from color, religion, gender, caste, or even the amount of grace we have for others. Grace only sees the need and moves towards it.

Isn’t it time we all recognized the vision of grace and made it our own?