By Laura Lasky: When people discovered that I had become a sex worker, they had plenty to say.  No one asked me what my motivation was, or tried to understand what my situation was.  Instead, it was easier for people to simply judge me.

The name calling was deafening:

Slut Tramp Whore Home Wrecker

These were Christian believers, and I have to ask, How could they not know or do better? For those who say they believe in the teachings of Christ and then choose hateful slang for those they don’t know or agree with...where does it say that’s ok in the Bible?

When you scream through a bullhorn holding up that book, as we walk past you and go about our daily lives, do you ever ask yourself that?

The thing is, sex is the ultimate SEO. People want to know about all things sexual, but rarely actually ask or address it.  Was all that anger about my choice, or about things people were afraid of dealing with themselves?

I refuse to let my identity be found in uninformed, narrow-minded criticism, however well-meaning. I am not the sexy topic to jump on the latest band-wagon with.

I am not someone’s judgement. I am not a project.

I am a person of worth and of endless chances.