A Life That Makes Your Heart Come Alive

By Kaley Thompson Driving down the highway, I passed a billboard of a Chick-fil-a advertisement.  A cow was standing in a chicken mask in front of the words “U wanna peece of me?” While the cow was trying it’s best to pretend it be a chicken, it was very clear it wasn’t.  Cow spots and a large bovine body were blatantly showing underneath the bird and beak facade.

In the same way a cow can’t put on a mask and become a chicken, we can’t pretend to be someone else. Try as we might to disguise our authentic self, our true spots will show. We’ll always feel like we’re missing out when we’re wearing a mask because God can’t bless the fake version of us.

So take off the mask and get honest! What do you really care about? Who are you underneath it all? When you become the real you, you’ll start to hear God’s voice saying, “Hey you... yeah you. Come here. I have a little thing only you can do.”

You are here to live a life that makes your heart come alive. And the world won’t be complete until you do.

So here’s to smaller callings and freer hearts. God loves the weird that makes you authentic and wonderful.

What mask do you need to take off?

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Kaley Thompson is the chief storyteller at People of the Second Chance. She lives in Charlotte, NC and wears a sparkly motorcycle helmet.

kaley thompson