car breaks down Posted by Mike Foster: Follow POTSC on Facebook

Last Friday the POTSC car broke down while being featured at Catalyst West.

Only 2 days after launching this exciting new project to help raise some dough for the mobile homeless community, everything came to a crashing halt. My spirits went from high to low in a matter of 48 hours.

I turned the key and nothing. I tried all the tricks I knew to get a 1970 Cadillac running again and still...DEAD!

The car was completely stuck in the middle of an abandoned exhibitors area. I was frustrated, super bummed and felt totally helpless. Dreams were dashed and a new opportunity now became a huge problem.

That was until a few friends recruited a few strangers to help push.

Lori took the picture above.

To me it is perfect picture of the realities of life, leadership, and how we need each other.

Is the car fixed? Not just yet. But I can tell you this...we're not stuck anymore.

Any other things we can learn from this picture?

Mike Foster