Posted by Mike Foster:

Throw in a dash of "super busy" plus a touch of "we don't really want to bother you" and a smidge of "do they really care about this sort of stuff?" and it makes for a recipe of silence.

So here is a quick download of somethings you might not know.

1. This Tuesday we release a powerful new People of the Second Chance video from Jeremy Cowart called "Deep Dark Blackness."

2. This week a bunch of us from the team are at Catalyst in ATL. On Wednesday I'm doing a LAB called "What Would Jesus Say To Casey Anthony?" Wear your shirts and represent.

3.  POTSC is participating in a 136 mile Wood Walk from San Diego to Los Angeles. Here is a Huffington Post article on why we are walking.  Click here to support.

4. You got questions? How did POTSC start? Is this a religious thing? What does our name mean? We have a couple answers.

5. We really love you. We don't tell you this enough.

6. Did you know we have a Pinterest? So stick it.

7. Some powerful Never Beyond posts this week about freedom, forgiveness and courage.

8. Want to host a Gracenomics Small Group? Everything you need is right here.

9. Our newest POTSC visual campaign called "Labels Lie" is going to blow your mind. I'm referring to it as a combo of the movie Saw, LA Ink and Amnesty International. Rolls out in November 2011.

Mike Foster