4 Things To Bring On A Road Trip That You Can’t Pack

By Kaley Thompson

Maybe you’re headed on vacation.  Or you just graduated and are off on your senior trip. Possibly your life just made a big shift and your moving.  Whatever the case, you’ll need to pack a suitcase.  And there are four other things that may not fit in your bag that you’ll definitely want to bring with you on your trip.  Here they are:

1. Friends
If you’re going to stick yourself in the same place for hours, use the time wisely and invite people you love.  This is the perfect opportunity to do something new together, catch up, and discuss how the snacks each person bought at the gas station reflect their personality.  If you’re in life change, reach out and make a few new friends. God designed us for community.  The memories made along the rest of this journey are better when they are shared.

2. Laughter
We typically go on road trips to escape something.  We’re on vacation to get away from work.  We’re headed to a new place because something happened in our past that we need to heal from. We need a restart or a refresher. Laughter is one of the most healing actions we can take to recover from whatever it is we’re leaving behind. So let go and prepare to laugh… a lot.

3. Curiosity
Traveling takes us to new places. Let curiosity lead you to try something different.  Ask locals where the best restaurant and thing to do around town are.  Collect random souvenirs along the way, like little mile markers for how far you’ve come on your journey. Enjoy a fresh perspective on how other people live their life.  Ask lots of questions and learn as much as you can.  What you felt was missing that sent you on your trip in the first place may be found along the way to your destination.

4. Memories
Capture all of your new experiences.  Take pictures with friends, journal, and come up with a hashtag to use on your social media outlets throughout the trip.  When you come back home, you’ll want to recall what you learned here.  The memories you’ve made will become the inspiration you need to live life fully in the day-to-day.

The disciple John called Jesus our “Teacher” so we can know that through every moment there is something to be learned (John 13:13). As you travel down a new road, look for miracles that you wouldn’t have noticed had you never left. The sun rising. The nice man that held the door open for you. The way that wildflowers grow on the side of the highway. We will quickly find that it’s not what we’ve packed to bring with us that’s important, it’s what we discover along the ride.

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CJ Casciotta