You're Invited To A Nation Wide Prodigal Party!

This October 16-23 we’re sweeping the nation with celebration by throwing over 100 parties.  And the best news? You're on the list.  This is your official invitation to become a party animal.  A Prodigal Party animal to be exact. Here’s how:

Host your own Prodigal Party for a hurting friend, a lonely neighbor, a friend recently released from rehab, a college student struggling to fit in, someone coming back into society from prison. Because when we focus our love, faith and encouragement into a people that feel like they don’t matter, are forgotten or forever broken, lives are transformed.  The chains of judgement are broken with cheese dip, balloons and hugs.  The gears of our world’s shame machine are clogged up with cake and guacamole.  Will you be a vital part in this revolutionary movement of celebrating the uncelebrated?

Throwing your own Prodigal Party is simple.  And we want to make it as easy on you as possible.  So order some pizza.  Have a few friends do the decorations. A few others blow up the balloons and set up chairs. Some people are awesome cupcake makers and others can make a mean, zesty salsa. Others setup while a few are responsible for the invites and organizational details. Oh, and make sure you have a photographer to capture all the sweet memories. We will also send you the Prodigal Party kit for free which will show you exactly what to do and how to host a party.  But like we said, keep it simple and just have fun.  Prodigals aren’t picky, they just want to feel loved.

Learn more about becoming a host by clicking THIS LINK.

Check out our blog “Welcome Home Willis” to read about the life changing power of a Prodigal Party. 

kaley thompson