Every once in a while a book comes along that humbly yet boldly unleashes a powerful new idea into the world. "People of the Second Chance: A Guide To Bringing Life-Saving Love To The World" is red-hot relevant to a generation struggling to find meaning and love. The book boldly declares that our lives no longer have to be controlled by shame but be defined by radical grace. 

Some people have called the book an "insane read" while others refer to it as a "$15 therapy session for your heart." Mike has been called "this generation's Brennan Manning" and his words will leave you both liberated and replenished. When readers tell us that while reading the book they cried, highlighted hundreds of sentences and felt alive for the very first time, we know exactly what they are talking about. The book touches a deep nerve and unlocks something beautiful inside of us all.

This is not just a typical book, it is a powerful intervention for your life. Are you ready to experience the kindness and love of God again? Are you willing to courageously leave behind your past and experience a radical new way of doing life? If you're ready, then we are too.