You're such a fag sometimes! Ever said it?  Maybe when you were a kid?  Or maybe last weekend on the basketball court?  You were just joking, right?  It happens ... we get it.

Ever said it while beating on a teen till he was blind in one eye?  Because that happens too.  Two weeks ago, in fact, in Brooklyn.

Do you see the problem here?  We use words like they're no big deal. We attach labels like "fag" to people and things for pretty much any reason under the sun, and forget where the insult comes from.

We also forget where they continue to be used: during moments of hate, violence, and denigration.

We've covered this before, in our original Labels Lie series, but it's time to revisit. Words like fag cut deep.  Whether used in jest, or used to identify people whose sexuality we question, these words can stick with a person for years.

Let's commit, today, to STOP being the Label Maker, and leave words like fag in the dust. They have no place in a second chance society, and don't mix one bit with grace.

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