By Mohan Karulkar: Stock photos are designed to take up space.  They typically convey one idea.  Or maybe zero ideas.  But they're definitely not nuanced or multi-faceted.  You use them when you need something, but you assume no one is going to look very closely.

Here are a few stock photos, and the ideas they convey.  Note how uncomfortable they make you feel.


weird_stock_photos8[1]True Love

z4f0O[1]The Future

o-DIS-STOCK-PHOTOGRAPHY-570[1]True Love Again

Ok I lied; these pictures make no sense.  But they're real, and a company is hoping you'll buy them someday.  Maybe use them on a package of frozen corn or something.

But you and I both know that no one is ever going to buy those images.  They defy logic (except maybe the intense toothbrush girl), and I can't think of any context where they belong, except in a post about crazy stock images.

So just remember: no matter how much it seems like life makes no sense, it'll never be as crazy as those pictures.  You were created with a purpose, and your struggle contains lessons for you and those around you.  Your second chance is just around the corner, and is waiting for you to grab it.

You are not a stock photo.  You are a person, and one day, your story will make perfect sense.