By Mike Foster: A teacher called you slow. Your dad called you a pussy. A preacher screamed you were going to hell for what you did. Your best friend said you looked fat in those red pants. Cosmo said sex was the only way to be sexy and that thin is in.

Somewhere, sometime, someone spoke words over you, and their lies cut deep. You believed them, and became labeled.

We’ve talked about labels before. We spent six months confronting the chains we’ve worn around our neck for so long. The Labels Lie campaign told many stories, but there are still things untouched.

Today we are launching the first 2 photos from our new Labels Lie photo series entitled "The Label Maker."

It’s time to identify the individual who labeled us -- the person we allowed to label us. The parent, the teacher, the friend, the pastor, the spouse, the relative, the kid in the school yard … who cut into us a life-long label.

Why bother digging so deep into painful memories? Because we can't be free from the lie of our toxic label until we identify the beginning. We can't truly heal till we know why it's there in the first place.

Who said it? Who put the label there? Was it once? Over and over again? Either way, it stuck.

"The Label Maker" photos are:

  • Honest ... because the longer we BS ourselves, the worse the problem gets.
  • Raw ... because we want to provoke something deep inside our souls, instead of just skimming the surface.
  • Violent ... because the photos represent the graphic wounds left by labels, once kept inside but now displayed openly.
  • Liberating ... because if we are courageous with each other, and confront labels as a community, we can be free.

Let's as a community of grace talk about them. Wrestle with them. And let's all be brave in confronting our label maker.


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Labels Lie. Don't accept them. Don't use them.

Mike Foster