By Mike Foster:

Maybe you think it's wrong.  Maybe you think it's gross.  Maybe you think it's funny.  Or maybe you're just careless with your words.

Whatever the case, regardless of what you believe, words hurt. Especially when those words seek to reduce us down to being no more than our sexuality. The pain they cause gives them physical power.  Time and again, from suicide headlines to locker room taunting, we've witnessed the catastrophic effect of words, especially when used to attack someone's perceived or declared sexuality.

It's a cheap shot -- and one that allows no meaningful counterattack. Our slurs about sexual preferences, slandering whispers about who slept with who, pointing fingers at pregnant teen moms or flat out judgment of those in the adult industry, simply undermine grace.

It cuts to the core of a person's being, and whether we mean to hurt or not, our words draw blood.

Do you get that?  Words aren't "just words."

And this week, we'll be publishing stories that prove how hurtful, damaging, and long-lasting words can be.

Sticks and stones break more than bones.

Labels Lie.  Don't accept them.  Don't use them.

Mike Foster