Why Your Heart Might Know What's Best

Have you ever been told, "Don't listen to your heart! It's evil and it will deceive you!"?And after someone told you that, you felt this pressure to NEVER listen to it; so you constantly analyzed and deconstructed every desire your heart has - fearful that if you listened to it, it might lead you astray. You begin to avoid your heart like you avoid pot holes in the road, you turn your inner ear a different direction every time your heart speaks and it leaves you feeling inauthentic - never knowing who you truly are at your core.

The beautiful thing is: Our heart doesn't lead us astray, it leads us home.

Often times, our heart knows what it best way before our mind ever does. Our heart whispers to us our inmost desires and awakes us to us. So starting today listening to your heart. Fulfill its callings and desires. Be true to yourself.