Posted by Mike Foster:

I am a big football fan and I love the NFL.

As usual I watched a bunch of games on Sunday and then the Seahawks and Packers game last night.

If you follow sports you know that the NFL has replacement refs and they are not making us fans happy. Bottom line: They stink and they screwed the Packers out of a win last night. I screamed at my TV and cried out, "NOOOOOOOOO! You suck!" as the officials made lousy call after lousy call. You can read the details here.

NFL great Troy Aikman tweeted: "These games are a joke!"

Broncos coach John Fox was fined $30,000 and Jack Del Rio $25,000 for verbal abuse of the refs. Patriots coach Bill Belichick almost tackled an official after Sunday's game and Jon Gruden called last night's MNF "tragic" and "comical."

But as the story goes, when Mike Foster's  hate filled heart starts pointing fingers and joining in the critical chorus of those who don't live up to my standards, it gives me a great opportunity to reflect.

First off, to see these replacement refs as more than...well...replacement refs.

Dads? Yep. Guys with day jobs just try to make a living? Yep.

Men trying to make the best out of an impossible situation they did not create? Yes.

I promise you these officials are just as big of fans of the NFL as I am. They love the game too. Maybe even more. And honestly, without the replacement refs their is no NFL right now and we would all be forced to watch PGA golf on Sundays. Does that sound like fun?

But most importantly these moments cause me to reflect and ask myself, "Why do I defend a billion dollar sports business instead of the average joe's officiating the game? Why am I so pissed about this and yelling at my TV? Why within a matter of seconds I'm suddenly leading the angry mob? What the heck is wrong with me!?"

I'm not sure what the answer is to these questions but I do know I need to find out.

Judgment is so seductive. Scapegoating feels so good. Unfortunately, both leave me so empty and frustrated.







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