Why Love Doesn't Need A Business Card

By Mike Foster Today is the last day to buy the Rescue Academy E-course. Maybe you've been putting it off because you don't think it applies to you. Well consider Mike Bustos.

Mike Bustos works at a high end hair salon where a basic cut starts at around $150 dollars. On Sundays though, Mike steps out of his salon and gives away pricey hair cuts for free. Who qualifies? The homeless. The people that can give him nothing but a smile in return.

A lot of people think that caring for others is just for the "professionals." It's only for therapists, clergy or those who have fancy degrees. But I believe love doesn't need a business card and helping people sometimes looks like getting your scissors out and giving haircuts.

Rescue Academy E-Course Closes Tonight

I believe the Rescue Academy E-course is for: 1. Teachers who work with students. 2. Church leaders who want to improve their counseling skills. 3. Moms who find themselves counseling other moms in the neighborhood. 4. Sports coaches working with teens. 5. Hair stylists and bartenders.

Just like Mike Bustos, everyone can be a rescuer. I hope you join us.

Mike Foster is the founder of People of the Second Chance and the author of Freeway: A Not So Perfect Guide To Freedom. He lives in San Diego with his family and fluffy dog.

Mike Foster