Posted by Mike Foster:

Wide receiver Tiquan Underwood had a choice to make after he was cut from the New England Patriots hours before the Super Bowl.

The news that he would not be playing in the biggest event of the year must have been devastating.

Your hopes are high. You've been practicing your guts out for weeks. The possibility of getting to wear "the ring" and being a part of history...all taken away.

It must of hurt. Your dream dashed.

You hadn't done anything wrong...they just didn't want you anymore. They wanted someone else to play in your spot.

Underwood's response demonstrated pure character, tenacity and the values of POTSC.

On Twitter he wrote: "I'm fine. This will only make me stronger. Tough times never last but tough people do."

Congratulations Tiquan...cuz in my book, you're the true winner!

Have you ever had your high hopes dashed like this? How did it feel? How would you respond?

Mike Foster