Posted by Mike Foster: Domino's Pizza sucks and they know it. In a recent survey of all the major pizza companies, Dominos tied for worst tasting with Chuck E. Cheese.

So Dominos made the strategic choice to embrace their failure and build on it. They just started running a national campaign stating the troubling facts and they are making a public comittment to rebuild their reputation.

When we fail, been exposed, or hit rock bottom too many peeps will respond with the 3 D's: Deny, Dismiss, and Downplay.

I also see too many organizations and ministries do the same thing. They drink their own kool aid and have a slice of their own cardboard pizza all the while downplaying their obvious "suckness."

But People of the Second Chance see it as an amazing opportunity to be honest about our shortcomings. And then like Dominos we listen, reinvent, and make the necessary changes.

Mike Foster