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So many of our negative emotions, arguments, and stress can be traced to one thing....NOT FEELING VALUED.

You want to be introduced to Mike "The Jerk" Foster all you have to do is disrespect me.

Respect is really important in my marriage and I would say the majority of our fights revolve around this issue.

What causes you to get angry, stressed, impatient, or frustrated? I bet much of it flows from a threat to your own value.

EXAMPLES: Your boss blows by you in the hallway and doesn't say hi. Your boyfriend is 30 minutes late and doesn't apologize. A driver flips you off on the freeway.

Human beings have a core emotional need to feel secure/wanted and when we don't feel valued we will act out to protect ourselves. It is our FIGHT or FLIGHT response.

(LEADERSHIP SIDE NOTE: Making people feel secure and valued should be your NUMBER ONE priority.)

So what makes you feel devalued or insecure? At work? At home? In relationships?

Mike Foster