Posted by Mike Foster:

Last night I watched the new Oprah interview with Jason Russell from Invisible Children.

As I posted earlier here, I have never met any one more passionate, heroic and dedicated as Jason and it is an honor to call him a friend.

Several times last night my eyes filled with tears as I listened to Jason share his story. Good tears. I watched with pride as another wounded warrior bravely returned to continue the fight.

Jason talked about his incredible highs and the very dark lows of the past year. The stinging criticism around him and the Kony film. The mental breakdown. He faced it all with courage, clarity and truth. He shared about what he humbly learned about himself, his mission and his family. He owned it all.

His amazing wife Danica also talked about how she and her family were severely tested…and survived.

These two fighters are examples to us all. Their life and passion are a testimony of how you never quit on yourself or each other. No matter what the critics say and no matter how dark it might get, the burning light of a second chance will always break through. Their story shouts to all of us that our journey doesn't have to end in the valley or on a San Diego street corner.

Jason and the Invisible Children team have released a new film today called MOVE.  It is a behind-the-scenes look at Kony 2012. I beg you to watch it and share it with everyone single person you know. And as Jason said last night, "Do more than just watch."

Welcome back Jason Russell. We have missed you , but we always knew you would return to continue the fight. Because that's how this whole crazy thing called life is suppose to work. Thanks again for leading the courageous way for us all. Peace my friend.

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