We Have A Big Announcement For You

By Mike Foster Right now in San Diego we're hosting 20 leaders from around the country at our 2-day workshop called Rescue Lab. It's been a blast as we learn together how to develop our skills and stories to help others.  And we were wondering...

Have you ever been thrown into a situation you were never trained for? Do you ever sit down to have coffee with a friend and it turns into a counseling session but you don’t know what to say? Are you confused about the critical mental health or addiction issue affecting someone you care about? If you have ever felt this way before I would love for you to join us at our next workshop July 13-14 in San Diego.

The Rescue Lab workshop will help you:

- Leverage your skills, story and platform to help others - Develop critical coaching and counseling skills - Establish healthy boundaries and self care strategies - Synthesize complex issues into simple next steps - Create an unshakeable confidence in your calling

Want to embark on a life-changing learning experience unlike any other? Register for Rescue Lab today by clicking HERE.


Mike Foster