Occupy Wall Street, and the Occupy movement in general, has stirred up a lot of emotions – on all sides.  Anger, frustration, disappointment, confusion, disgust, resentment … hatred.  Politics has lit the fuse on a powderkeg that has been brewing for months years.

But if you want to talk politics in the comments, you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you think this poster is about politics, you’re missing the point.  If you think it’s about civility, or equality, or responsibility, you’re missing the point.  Unemployment?  Student loans?  Pepper spray?

You’re still missing the point.





And the argument is about blame.  Who is the villain?  Who is the problem?  Who is to blame?  Unfortunately, the argument is unwinnable, because blame is a losing strategy. No amount of blame can correct a perceived wrong.  No amount of blame can satisfy the deeply offended.  No amount of blame can fix the world.

So who would you give a second chance?  Someone you are protesting?  Someone who is protesting you?  Someone you blame?

You may be in the 99%, or the 53%, or the 1%, or the 0.1%.  You might be blue collar or white collar, employed or unemployed.   But in the end, we're ALL part of the 100%: flawed, frustrated, and in need of second chances.

And realize that second chance doesn’t necessarily mean laying down a picket sign or welcoming a crowd back into a park.  It means rejecting blame and embracing grace.  It means looking past the argument and finding the common ground.  It means saying “I give YOU a second chance, because I am People of the Second Chance.

Are you willing to do that with us?  If so, share what you think that second chance looks like.  Comment below, and submit links to your own platform.